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Find Your Place in the World

I’ve been through a major transformation. We get opportunities all through our lives and sometimes they just don’t seem like opportunities. Sometimes, it feels like you’ve been through a train wreck. One day you’re walking down the street and from out of nowhere here come a train that just runs you over…and you were definitely not expecting that. And you think to yourself, “Hey, how did I get in the way of that train?” It happened as if it was all your fault…you were the one that caused the train to jump the track and hit you. And like many of you that’s how I lived my life…I was a wreck, stuck, damaged and destroyed.

If you are anything like me, you always think that you’re responsible for every single thing that happens and you know what, they tell us that we have to be fully responsible. We can’t be a victim and we can’t blame other people. But sometimes, yes sometimes life puts us in a situation where it becomes time to begin looking at what you are. Regardless to what goes on around you, regardless if it’s the worst possible thing in the world. It doesn’t matter…you must look at yourself.

Remember, that the person you are is lovable no matter what others may say, even if your best friend, your husband or your kids tell you that you’re not. You are a God-given in this world; you came here because you were supposed to be here. You’ve made it this far, which means you’ve got incredible strength and when you can see that in yourself, and you can appreciate that in yourself, and you can give yourself the love and recognize that all that other stuff around you is just stuff happening around you.

You must believe that you have a choice, a choice to be in the world in a way that you feel proud

and allows you to give back. Because when you do that, it’s a way of giving to yourself and each time that you say something good about yourself, you affirm who you really are. You can then grow as a being in the world, a natural force, as a flame that can ignite other people.

So, I understand that I am still in the process of repair and I’m still working on it, but I am slowing getting it together with God’s help, with the help of my family and my friends. I want you to join my circle of love and friendship so that you can also find your light and your fire in this world.

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